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Irina Bokova

For over fifteen years Irina Bokova has been working alongside French designers, manufacturers, ateliers, producers, and artists. In 2010 she moved to France herself, to open her own bureau.

The company has two lines of work:

Our company develops individual projects to any degree of complexity in collaboration with French producers.

We are exclusive representatives for a number of unique French brands.

We collaborate with the best French craftsmen. The result of this collaboration is constructions which are engineeringly-complex, made form metal, wood, or glass – unique items and art objects. When we work together we can bring any idea to fruition.

Our partners:

Mydriaz, Ozone, Brass, Bricard, Établissements Schmidt & Co, Rue Monsieur Paris, Florence Girette, Frédérique Domergue, Hervé Obligi, Le Cintre W, Stephanie Langard, Serge Marchalle, Valérie Colas, Vervloet, P&L Studio, Révérencieuse, Au Gre Du Verre, Renovachrome

“French craftsmen inspire me with the ability and qualifications, their respect for their work, their careful respect for traditions and their attention to detail. They work along with historic principles, and able to create things which could not be made anywhere else in the world. And in parallel with their prodigious technical skills, they possess that true French creativity and character”

Irina Bokova is an ambassador for a large number of high-end French craft brands who produce designer furniture, lighting, accessories, and art objects in strictly limited numbers.

Our brands:

Le Cintre W

Florence Girette



P&L Studio

Rue Monsieur Paris

Stephanie Langard


Au Gre Du Verre